TRINITY crisis simulation

Last Friday, we held our first event as a society, hosting a war simulation. Set in South-East Asia, the scenario opened with a typhoon tearing across the Spratly Islands near the Philippines, with the playing countries left to react to the situation. The teams involved included China, the USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and ASEAN. Set over the course of six days in the game world, the players were given 2 hours to envoke diplomacy, and make critical decisions regarding military and aid. It is fair to say that the results were unprecedented; by the end of the game, the USA had detonated a nuclear bomb over Hainan island with subsequent pandemonium ensuing.

Despite the outcome, it was a fantastic event followed by a drinks reception. The Trinity committee were delighted to meet many students from across the schools of International Relations, History and Philosophy and look forward to our next event!


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