TRINITY crisis simulation

Last Friday, we held our first event as a society, hosting a war simulation. Set in South-East Asia, the scenario opened with a typhoon tearing across the Spratly Islands near the Philippines, with the playing countries left to react to …

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Huw Bennett illuminates the causes and consequences of British Army conduct in Northern Ireland

On 29 Nov, Dr. Huw Bennett from Cardiff University will come to speak about the perverse logic at the foundation of the strategy of the British Army in Northern Ireland, from 1969 to 1975. With the aim of avoiding civil …

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TRINITY Launch Event

Trinity is launching! Are you interested in war and strategy? The ISWS Student Society invites all students, both undergraduates and postgraduates (taught and research) to come to our launch event. On Nov 23, we will tell you all about the …

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John Anderson discusses the musical representation of the American Civil War

On November 12th, Professor John Anderson presents his research on the relationship between music and the politics of the American Civil War. Dixie and John Brown were popular songs that were politicized by the two parties to the conflict and …

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Susan Schulman shares her experiences capturing war on camera

On 29 October, war photographer Susan Schulman will speak about conflict, photography and the art of capturing war on camera. Find out more information here.

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Grégory Daho speaks about civil-military relations in France

On 15 October, we’ll be hearing from Grégory Daho about civil-military relations in France. Click here for more information.

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Professor Pascal Vennesson speaks at book launch ‘On Small War’, by professor Sibylle Scheipers

On October 8th, professor Pascal Vennesson from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) at Nanyang Technological University will speak at the first seminar in this year’s series. The seminar is held for the occassion of the book launch …

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Lt Gen (ret) David A Deptula’s St Andrews Proclamation

The address given by Lt Gen 9ret David A Deptula on 8 May at the ISWS’ airpower conference has been published in the framework of the Mitchell Institute Policy Paper Series under the title ‘The St Andrews Proclamation: A Pragmatic …

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Podcast series on Iran in cooperation with ChromeRadio

The ISWS has sponsored a series of podcasts on Iran, which feature ISWS’s own Professor Ali Ansari and Dr Jasmine Gani. Listen in!

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Professor Guy Rowlands’ Inaugural Lecture

Professor Guy Rowlands will be giving his Inaugural Lecture at the University of St Andrews on Wednesday 19th April at 5.15pm in School III of St Salvator’s Quadrangle on North Street, St Andrews.  ‘Glamping with Guns. Louis XIV, the Camp …

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