Established in 2016, The Institute for the Study of War and Strategy is an interdisciplinary Institute comprising members from International Relations, History, Computer Science, Physics, Philosophy, Classics, Geography, Management Studies and other schools. Our members have research specialisms covering all time periods and parts of the globe. 

Our mission is to conduct and facilitate research and public debate on issues of war and strategy, broadly conceived. Topics of interest include: 

  • The role of armed forces and war in contemporary politics 
  • Military and naval history, and the history of war and society 
  • Legal and ethical issues pertaining to war and strategy 
  • Cultural representations/repercussions of war and strategy 
  • The practice of strategy beyond the fields of war and armed forces 

This institute is built upon three core convictions: 

  • Our research agenda’s interdisciplinary nature adds value to our work product; 
  • A robust exchange between academia and practitioners – especially those from the military – is critical to understanding war and strategy; 
  • Our close connection between research and teaching is essential to our mission.   

Since its creation, the Institute has become a thriving research hub, serving as an intellectual focus point within the University of St Andrews. The Institute brings together permanent post-holders, early career researchers, PhD students, postgraduate taught students and practitioners whose expertise and interests focus on war and strategy. The Institute runs a masters degree programme – the M.Litt programme in Strategic Studies – taught jointly by faculty in the Schools of International Relations and History and the Department of Philosophy. 


Institute for the Study of War and Strategy
School of International Relations
University of St Andrews
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The Scores
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United Kingdom
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For information on the M.Litt in Strategic Studies please contact: [email protected].

Ms Gail Reid
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For information on PhD admissions please contact

Mrs Joyce Walsh (School of International Relations)
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Mrs Elsie Johnstone (School of History)
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Mrs Laura Newman (Department of Philosophy)
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