Sir Hew Strachan

‘Sir Hew Strachan is his favourite strategist’: Thomas E Ricks on Trump’s choice of Gen ret James Mattis for Defense Secretary. See also ‘What Gen Mattis’s favorite strategist thinks of the election of Trump’  

Dr Rory Cox

Dr Rory Cox has won Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaboration Research Fellowship. Rory has been appointed to a year-long Humanities Collaboration Research fellowship, based jointly at the California Institute of Technology and the Huntington Library, during the academic year 2017-2018. The fellowship is part of a programme led by Professors Warren Brown and Jennifer Jahner. The two-year research project explores … Read more

Professor Phillips O’Brien

In September 2016 Professor Phillips O’Brien joined the Institute for the Study of War and Strategy as the University of St Andrews new chair in Strategic Studies. He was drawn to the job by the chance to work with some of the greatest scholars in the field today, coming from a range of disciplines such … Read more