Trinity Student Society

Welcome to Trinity, the Student Society for the Study of War and Strategy. Our aim is to provide a platform to engage students from various disciplines with the study of war and strategy. We provide a structure for students to participate in events related to conflict and strategic thought, to write articles and opinion pieces and to get involved in debates. Next to organising seminars and panel discussions, we will plan field trips and social events with the purpose of creating a community centred around strategy.

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Our name, Trinity, reflects the three academic schools we associate most with: International Relations, Philosophy and History. Within the study of war and strategy, trinity is a Clausewitzian concept relating to the triune nature of forces driving the conduct of war: politics and reason, chance and probability, and passion and violence. Finally, the name refers to the first nuclear weapon produced by the Manhattan project, detonated on 16 July 1945, which fundamentally changed strategic thinking for decades to come.