Air Power Conference 2020






 **** POSTPONED ****

The Intersection of Cyber, Space and Air Power

Date TBC, University of St Andrews

The Institute for the Study of War and Strategy at the University of St Andrews is delighted to announce its forthcoming conference (Date TBC) on the intersection of cyber, space and air power. This is the second conference in the Institute’s ongoing efforts to examine modern conflict from an air and space power perspective, including issues of strategy, cost, politics, ethics and law.

The present and future of conflict, in both peace and war, will be increasingly governed by developments linking cyber-power, space power and air power. These areas have and will continue to witness the greatest growth in capabilities, cost and technology. At the same time, by broadening conflict and further blurring the lines between war and peace, they pose profound legal and ethical questions, to say nothing of the strategic and the practical. The Institute has therefore brought together a group from around the world including academics, practitioners and representatives of industry and the state to discuss where we are now and where we might be heading.

We have arranged major keynote addresses by:

  • Air Marshal Edward Stringer (RAF); and
  • Professor Robert Schmidle (Lt Gen USMC retd)

Other speakers will include: Philippe Baumard, Elisabeth Braw, Gary Brown, Nick Colosimo, Paul Cornish, Keith Dear, Ulrike Franke, Sandro Gaycken, Chris Kubecka, Phillips O’Brien and Peter Watkins. Speaker information and links to biographies are available here.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge. However anyone wishing to attend must register ahead of time as space is limited, details will become available in due course.