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After Mattis, Trump’s foreign policy worries allies

US ground troops withdrawal from Syria now seems imminent, and a (partial) withdrawal from US security forces in Afghanistan is widely speculated upon among NATO allies. Withdrawal, just as much as intervention, requires a game plan, a strategy, into which Washington’s own actions are placed. And the simple fact is that President Donald Trump does not seem to do strategy. Jonathan Marcus raises the strategy question in relation to the Kurdish forces, the containment of the remnants of IS, Russian and Iranian influence in the region, alliance security, and others.

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21 Dec 2018, BBC

Top U.S. general urges Google to work with military

Ensuring America’s military-technological edge in future will require a broad national approach. Big Tech have been reluctant to get involved with Pentagon programmes, with Google amongst others facing internal opposition to such. The position of Big Tech is that their ethics and morals trump national security. General Joseph Dunford points out that Big Tech has fewer ethical or moral qualms in providing modified versions of their core products to countries like Russia and China. This double standard has long-term implications.

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7 Dec 2018, Reuters