From left to right: Matt Warren, Louise Reid, Anneleen van der Meer, Schoutje Schouten

This year we’re planning on organising various events and seminars, as well as sharing articles and opinion pieces. Here you can find the committee’s members and roles:

Society Affairs Officer: Meet Matthew Warren

My name is Matt, I’m from Cambridgeshire in the UK and when not in St Andrews I live in the beautiful Lake District. I am a first year PhD student researching air power theory and practice in post-Cold War conflict. My other areas of interest in IR include nuclear strategy and proliferation, the defence industry, and Chinese defence and security. I have a Masters in International Peace & Security from King’s College, London and a Bachelors in International Politics and Strategic Studies from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Before starting at St Andrews I worked in strategy, planning and analysis for a major defence company. Away from the world of IR I like cooking and baking, photography, travel, reading and Formula 1.

Matt is responsible for planning our social events and fieldtrips

Vice-president: Meet Louise Reid

I’m Louise, and am a postgraduate candidate on the MLitt Strategic Studies programme in the school of International Relations. I studied history for my undergraduate degree here at St Andrews so can bring my prior knowledge of St Andrews and the School of History to the work of the society. Within Trinity, I am mainly responsible for the inner communications of the society, but also work to promote the aims and objectives of the society within the St Andrews community as well as supporting decision-making made by the Chair.

Louise is editor-in-chief and responsible for internal communications.

President: Meet Anneleen van der Meer

My name is Anneleen, I’m from the Netherlands and I’ve just started my PhD journey here in St Andrews. My research focusses on contemporary chemical warfare and processes of norms collapsing. After completing the MLitt in Strategic Studies here in St Andrews I worked as a business manager for year, after which I realised I wasn’t done with academia yet. I do hope to bring that organisational experience to Trinity. I like to make, arrange and teach music when I’m not working.

Anneleen is responsible for the daily workings of the society and for external communications

Society Affairs Officer: Meet Schoutje Schouten

My name is Schoutje Schouten and I’m from the Netherlands. In Trinity, I am responsible for organizing the seminars in the second semester. I am enrolled in the MLitt Strategic Studies, and last year I did a master’s degree in practical philosophy. I love coming up with creative concepts and organizing events, and I know for sure we will have some great seminars coming up. 

Schoutje is responsible for the organisation of the Institute’s seminars in semester 2019-I

Do you want to get involved? We’re still looking for a Society Affairs Officer to coordinate the society’s academic output, including articles and podcasts. Get in touch:

We’re always looking for article submissions and journalistic/opinion pieces. Let us know if you’re interested in writing for us! Would you rather help organising events or seminars? There are plenty of opportunities for that too. Drop us a line at